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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage, equip, and catalyze community aimed at the vision of healthy neighborhoods.

What does 4141 Represent?

In Genesis 41:41, an immigrant equips Egypt to survive, thrive and help their neighbors get through famine. Joseph catalyzed the nation. Located at 4141 North Fresno St., the center of the city, we have a mission to equip people to use their gifts and resources to develop strong communities.

Redefining Community

Make strong the People

A community is strong…

when neighbors know each other, communicate, work together, pool resources, and help create spaces that are safe, healthy, walk-able, livable, friendly, well-lighted, accessible to transportation, close to shopping and healthy food, and economically viable.

We believe that spiritual vitality and community is an essential component of this mix and that churches have a place at the community table as contributors to the health and well-being of neighborhoods.

Empower the People

We empower the community by…

creating opportunities, community dialogues, collaborative relationships, and partnerships that enable people to find their own power, voice, and gifts and to exercise them together for the well being of the whole community. It is best done through the power and voice of the people within the neighborhoods.

Create with the people

We are creating third place spaces…

where people can gather together, congregations where they can worship and share a common life in their own languages, shopping experiences where they can have dignity and get things they need, educational resources, job mentoring, business coaching, and children’s activities.

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